Vet Wrap for Dogs

Written by adrienne farricelli | 13/05/2017
Vet Wrap for Dogs
Vetrap should be always kept handy. (sporting dog playing with tennis ball image by Paul Retherford from

Vetrap is a medical product that all dog owners should include in their dog's first aid kit. This product, known worldwide, is also the preferred brand for most veterinarians.


Vetrap is a special bandaging tape made of natural rubber latex. This product, trademarked and manufactured by the 3M Company since 1968, can be purchased in pet stores, vet clinics or online.


Vet Wrap for Dogs
Vetrap comes in different sizes and colours. (wrap image by Allyson Ricketts from

Vetrap comes in rolls of different sizes and different colours. Because Vetrap is a self-adhering tape, there is no need for adhesives or special fasteners to secure it.


Vetrap will not stick to hair and its elasticity allows it to fit securely in difficult-to-bandage areas without loosening. Thanks to its light and porous material, it allows the skin to breath without absorbing moisture, therefore, preventing harmful bacteria growth.


Vetrap can be used to provide support in case of sprains and fractures, protect wounds and hold sterile dressings in place. It can also be used to inhibit bleeding by applying pressure through proper padding without interfering with circulation.


To fit Vetrap correctly without constricting, it should be applied at approximately 50 per cent stretch, leaving the last wrap with no tension, and pressing it firmly into place, according to Doctors Foster and Smith. Also, it is important to not apply Vetrap directly on open wounds.

Also Known As

As a trademarked product of the 3M Company, Vetrap is the official name, but generically it is often called vet wrap.

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