Definition of Window Sill

Updated February 21, 2017

A window sill is a ledge that protrudes out from a window on the inside of your home. In addition to their decorative appearance, window sills might also have a functional purpose.


Many window sills are made of wood, but others use marble, granite or other types of stone. Window sills can be narrow or wide enough for a person to sit on.


Wooden window sills require periodic painting or staining as their colour can become painted by the sun. Occasionally, wooden sills become damaged by moisture leaking in through the windows and require complete replacement. Stone window sills normally require only regular dusting.


The actual function of a window sill is merely decorative and is not required to support or protect your windows. Whether to have a window sill is a matter of personal preference.


Some people adorn their window sills with knick-knacks, candles or other decorations. Others use the window sill as a location for an herb garden or to give potted plants ample access to the sun.


Some people cover their window sills with cushions and use it as a seat instead of a traditional sill. This is most practical in rooms that get a lot of sun or have limited space for seating.


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