Oncology Massage Training

Updated February 21, 2017

For the massage therapist who wants to offer massage to people with cancer, oncology massage training provides the knowledge to work safely with all the issues surrounding cancer and cancer treatments.


Although massaging people with cancer was once thought to promote the spread of the disease, properly used massage therapy does not cause cancer to spread, according to the Society for Oncology Massage. The Society notes that massage can significantly reduce pain, fatigue, nausea, depression and anxiety.


The purpose of oncology massage training is to give a massage therapist working information about the disease of cancer, the effects of cancer on the body and the effects of cancer treatments on a person.


Oncology massage training may or may not be included in a massage school's overall training program. Many continuing education sources are available to teach massage therapists to work with people with cancer.


Understanding the contraindications of massage for cancer is important because some types of massage or massage techniques are not appropriate for some of the conditions surrounding cancer.

Professional Society

The Society for Oncology Massage formed in 2007 as both a professional society for massage therapists and to offer information about massage and cancer to consumers.

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