What Are the Causes of Eye Puffiness & Swollen Fingers?

Written by melissa rae | 13/05/2017
What Are the Causes of Eye Puffiness & Swollen Fingers?
Limiting salt intake is one way to relieve eye puffiness. (Salt Shaker on Table- Portrait image by kellykramer from Fotolia.com)

Puffy eyes and swollen fingers affect many people, especially upon waking first thing in the morning. This condition is usually minor and goes away throughout the day, but sometimes it can have a more serious cause.


Too much sodium in the diet can cause water retention. This causes the eye area and fingers to swell as the tissue builds up with excess fluid. Cutting the sodium in your diet can reduce eye puffiness.


Fluctuation of female hormones---especially before menstruation---can cause puffy eyes and swollen fingers. Increased water consumption and reduced salt intake can relieve this type of puffiness.


Normal ageing can cause puffiness and swelling. This may be caused by fat pockets under the eyes or the slow movement of lymph fluids throughout the body.

Kidney Disease

The kidneys are responsible for regulating the body's fluid content. When the kidneys are affected, they may have trouble processing excess salt and water in the body.


Some people are simply more prone to having puffy eyes and swollen fingers. This type of puffiness is not treatable aside from beauty treatments, plastic surgery and/or exercise.

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