Commercial director job description

Written by kj henderson | 13/05/2017
Commercial director job description
Commercial directors work to increase revenue. (laptop-graph isolated on black image by Olaru Radian-Alexandru from

A commercial director is a senior level business development professional who is responsible for leading his employer toward increased revenue. This is accomplished through the creation of strategies, sales team management and direct sales. The total compensation of commercial directors is often directly correlated to how successful they are in completing their tasks.

Business Development

The primary responsibility of a commercial director is to partner with the senior level sales executives of a firm to indentify and pursue new opportunities for business development.


Working with the sales and marketing departments as well the executive team, a commercial director develops and drives the firm's long and short term revenue growth strategies.


Certain industries such as financial services are heavily regulated. As such, commercial directors must maintain a strong knowledge of these guidelines and ensure that the firm's sales practices are in compliance with them.


As with most sales professions, a four year degree is often preferred by employers, but not required of candidates with successful records.


According to, the average commercial director in the United States earns a salary of £72,482.

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