What Is a Two Car Tandem Garage?

Written by peter neeves | 13/05/2017
What Is a Two Car Tandem Garage?
Garage entrance (red garage door image by green 308 from Fotolia.com)

American's love affair with cars was born with the introduction of Henry Ford's Model T, which made cars more affordable. The storage of cars evolved along with the evolution of the automobile. Tandem garages were later born of necessity.


Tandem garages provide a means to store two or more cars indoors in a narrow space. Tandem garages solve the problem of having a multiple-car garage on a narrow property.


A tandem garage stores cars end to end. This garage can be any length, storing two or more cars. Tandem garages can also house long vehicles, such as some boats and trailers.


Tandem garages are identified by their depth, which is enough for at least two cars. Tandem garages can also be wide enough for more than one car, as long as they are long enough to park two cars end to end.


Narrow lots are not the only place tandem garages are used. They can appear anywhere there is a need, including backyards.

Fun Fact

Tandem garages may have a garage door on one or both ends. Some tandem garages on narrow lots have doors on both ends, allowing vehicle access to the backyard through the garage.

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