Cost of Building a Garage

Updated March 23, 2017

According to, the standard size of a single-car garage is approximately 240 square foot, while the standard double-car garage is approximately 380 square foot. Upon hiring a contractor for building it, the typical cost will be somewhere around £22-$45. If you want high-quality materials, the cost per square foot may reach as much as £35.

Single-Car Garage

According to the square-foot measurements mentioned above, the standard single-car garage will cost around £5,460 to £7,020.

Two-Cars Garage

The standard garage cost for two vehicles will be somewhere between £8,645 to £11,115.


The single-car garage with high-quality materials can cost approximately £8,580, while the double-car garage with high- quality materials will cost about £13,650.

Ideal Size

According to, the ideal garage with sufficient space for two cars along with some workspace and attic storage needs 800-850 square feet, which can cost around £18,850 to £24,700.

Do it Yourself

If you want to build a garage yourself, you can cut down the cost. Pre-fab kits for building wooden or steel garages cost somewhere around £3,250-$14,000.

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