Can You Print a Shipping Label Through PayPal Without eBay?

Updated July 19, 2017

You do not need to use eBay to take advantage of the tools offered by PayPal, including its shipping tools. Many people only know how to use PayPal when taken there when guided through eBay.

Log on to PayPal

Go to and log in using your e-mail account name and password. These will be the same that you may have used when directed to PayPal via eBay during checkout in the past.

Products And Services

Along the top of the PayPal window you will see seven blue tabs that say: My Account, Send Account, Request Money, Merchant Services, Products & Services, and Community. Click on the blue tab that says "Product & Services."

More Products And Services Box

Once you've opened the "Products & Services" page on PayPal, scroll down the page until you see a box entitled "More Products and Services." This box provides a series of links that you can click to access tools available on PayPal.

Select Shipping Labels Link

The first link in the More Products and Services box is shipping labels. Click on this blue link. PayPal will take you to a new page explaining all of their shipping services.

PayPal Multi-Order Shipping tool

On the shipping information page, you will see several blue words that are links to new pages. Find the blue words that say PayPay Multi-Order Shipping. Click on this link to open the order page. You do not need to have any current orders to use this tool. Be sure your popup blocker is turned off.

Getting Started Window & Printing

A box will pop up called "Getting Started." If box does not appear, you can select it from the HELP area. Click on the button that says CREATE. A box with five sections will open. Click on each button for the sections to open where you can enter pertinent information. You can enter Order Details, Shipping Details, Ship to Address, Ship from address and Personal Message to Recipient.

Be sure you have weighed your package for shipping. You will manually enter the shipping addresses and what kind of shipment you sending including postage weight and shipping cost.

After you have entered your shipping location, if you have others to enter, hit Create Another at bottom of the screen. When you have entered all of your shipping locations, hit "SAVE AND CLOSE" button at bottom of screen.

When you close the Getting Started window, you will see your created labels on Orders to Ship tab. Select the line you want to print. It should highlight when you click on it.

Click on the "PAY AND PRINT" (printer icon) at the top of the page. Funds will deduct from your PayPal account and your shipping label will print from your local printer.

Attach the label to your shipment and ship.


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