What Are the Causes of Chronic Lower Right Abdominal Pain?

Updated November 21, 2016

Lower right abdominal pain can be a sign of something simple like gas, menstrual cramps, overeating or constipation. However, if the pain is chronic, it is likely something more serious.


The word “chronic” means “long-lasting” or “recurrent.” If a pain arises due to food sensitivity, then goes away once food is digested, it is not a chronic pain.


There are two types of chronic lower right abdominal pain: long-lasting pain and recurrent pain. Long-lasting pain is always present; it may feel like an ache that worsens at the touch. Recurrent pain comes and goes. This type of pain may have a trigger that sets it off such as anxiety or depression.


A long-lasting or recurrent pain in this area could point to irritable bowel syndrome. This is a disorder in which the symptoms will recur in response to eating habits. A hernia or kidney stones could also cause pain to persist or return.


A diet may be recommended for certain disorders or antibiotics may be prescribed in the case of infection. If the diagnosis includes hernia, surgery may be required. Musculoskeletal problems could also be causing the pain. In this case, an anti-inflammatory medication may be recommended.


Pain in the lower right abdominal region is not necessarily an issue with organs housed in that area. Very often pain will radiate from other areas of the abdomen or even from the chest.

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