Leg and Arm Hair Loss

Updated November 21, 2016

Women and men spend a great deal of time getting rid of unwanted hair. However, when you start losing hair on your legs and arms, it could mean trouble. If you are experiencing this type of hair loss, you need to understand the potential issues with your new, silky-smooth look.


When hair starts to fall off your arms or legs, it often indicates a hormonal imbalance. It can mean trouble with your thyroid or it can indicate a spreading case of alopecia.


When your hormones are imbalanced, the body becomes stressed. A common symptom of extreme physical or mental stress is hair loss, but hair loss on arms and legs indicates higher levels of stress.


You can lose hair on the arms and the legs due to thyroid stress. However, you can also lose it if you undergo chemotherapy, use anabolic steroids or have psoriasis.


Having good nutrition is essential to maintaining body hair. If you do not have medical issues, then you may simply be losing hair due to a severe lack of protein or other vitamin or mineral deficiency in your diet. You can also work with a doctor to reduce your stress levels and medically encourage hair regrowth.


Sudden hair loss is often indicative of a major health concern. Check with your physician immediately if you start to experience extreme and abrupt hair loss.

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