Different Types of Rose Flowers

Updated July 19, 2017

According to Robert Markley in "Encyclopedia of Roses," the rose family, rosacae, is a large family. There are six types of rose flowers. Starting with flat wild roses developing into many petalled roses. There is a variety of rose types to enhance your garden.

Wild Roses

According to "Encyclopedia of Roses," all wild roses have five petals and five modified leaves called sepals. Flat roses look like wild roses. Available flat roses include: summer wind, a winter hardy rose; Sharon's delight, a miniature rose, and baby love, a shrub rose.

Pointed Roses

Pointed-form roses are mostly hybrid tea roses. Peace is well know hybrid tea rose.

Rosette Roses

Rosette-form roses have many petals and are round like a pom. Many English roses have rosette form. Evelyn is a rosette-shaped David Austin rose.

Quartered Roses

Quartered-form roses have four sections of petals rotating around the four different centres. Queen of Denmark is a pink quartered rose.

Urn- and Balloon-Shaped Roses

Urn- and balloon-shaped roses have a rounded bottom of the petals unlike the pointed bottom of hybrid teas. Peach drift is a landscape urn-shaped rose.

Round Roses

Round-form roses look like old-fashioned cabbage roses. Cabbage roses are pink old garden roses.

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