Seat cushions to alleviate sciatic pain

Updated April 17, 2017

Sciatic pain is usually caused by a herniated disc or other condition that compresses the sciatic nerve, which runs down the spine to the hips, legs and buttocks. Certain seat cushions can be used to alleviate stress on the sciatic nerve.


Many work chairs have are ergonomically designed with special cushions that can help relieve sciatic pain. Moreover, there are also wedge-shaped foam and gel cushion inserts that can placed on top of a chair for sciatic pain relief.


Most cars have lumbar support adjustments for the seats which one can adjust for lower spine comfort. There are also certain car seat inserts that can be used for sciatic pain.

Special Features

Some cushions have heating features which can further help relieve sciatic pain symptoms.


Specially designed seat cushions help angle a person's back, taking pressure off the lumbar area. This repositioning can help relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve.


It is always best to sit up straight when using a seat cushion. Those who slouch or use the cushion improperly will not reap the maximum therapeutic benefits.

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