Men's magnetic bracelets for arthritis pain

Updated March 23, 2017

Arthritis can bring severe pain, but an unproven treatment, involving magnetic bracelets, can be tried for relief. The bracelets, which both men and women can wear, are also believed to increase blood circulation, providing the body with more nutrients.


Arthritis, according to, affects the musculoskeletal system. Typically, arthritis affects more than one bone that is joined. Some people suffer extreme pain and inflammation. In addition, joints sometimes become weak and develop deformities.

Arthritis Bracelet

Pain has been treated magnetically for centuries, according to Improved blood circulation and nutrition are some of the other health benefits that are believed to result from wearing magnetic arthritis bracelets. However, there is no scientific evidence in support of any of these benefits.


Magnetic arthritis bracelets are made for both women and men. They also can be purchased in copper, titanium and .925 sterling silver.


The price of arthritis bracelets varies, depending on the material. Most bracelets range from £6.80 to £143.


According to, watches and magnetic bracelets should not be worn together. Also, pregnant women and people with pacemakers should not wear these bracelets.

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