Grants for autistic children

Written by andrea helaine | 13/05/2017

Having an autistic child can change your life and change the demands placed on your family. Many families with autistic children feel the weight of the financial burden because of medical treatments, supplements and therapy. Grants for autistic children can help cover necessary expenses.


It is important to research appropriate sources of funding by using an established individual grants database, such as or A simple search of the Internet for "grants for autism" may lead you to sites and resources that are not legitimate. Grants are, by nature, "free." They should not require money from you to process the application.


If you need to purchase equipment to make your home safe for your autistic child, it may be helpful to start with Autism Speaks provides equipment and supportive technology grants, as well as grants for education.

Diagnostic Testing

Children with Special Health Needs is an organisation that helps cover the diagnoses of children with autism. They also assist with dental care, glasses and hearing aids. The grant is given based on a family's income.

Health Care

Health care costs can be overwhelming. Although it is not a grant, you can apply for Medicaid for your autistic child. A waiver program is also available to help cover some health care costs. If your child does not qualify for Medicaid, you may want to consider obtaining medical assistance through TEFRA (Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act), which provides health care with a small copay.

Living Assistance

If you need financial assistance, programs such as The National Autism Association's Helping Hand Program help families who are negatively impacted in the area of living expenses.

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