Can geranium plants be started by putting geranium cuttings in water?

Updated July 19, 2017

The geranium is an annual flower that is commonly propagated by taking cuttings from the stems to grow new plants. The cuttings may be placed in rooting medium but water can also be used to encourage new roots to grow.


A 3- to 4-inch cutting should be taken from the end of a healthy stem that has plenty of leaves on top. Any lower leaves are then stripped before it's placed in water.


A narrow mouth bottle works best. It keeps the geranium cutting upright and prevents the water from evaporating too quickly.


The geranium cutting should be placed in a sunny location to encourage roots to form on the stem. Healthy top leaves are necessary for growth.


Cuttings are commonly taken in the fall, before the geranium dies, in order to continue the plant for the next season. If the weather is warm, roots should appear in the water within a week. In cooler climates, it may take several weeks.


Once a visible root system appears on the cutting, the geranium cutting should be placed in a small container with fertilised potting soil to fully flourish.

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