Normal Glucose Level in Cats

Written by rebecca johnson | 13/05/2017
Normal Glucose Level in Cats
Blood Glucose Levels in Cats (Image by, courtesy of Alessandro Valli)

Feline diabetes affects one in 400 cats and is one the highest diagnosed metabolic disorders in cats. Knowing that your cat's glucose level is in the normal range is important to the health and safety of your pet.

Normal Glucose Range

Normal blood glucose for felines is 80-120 mg/dl.

Symptoms of Feline Diabetes

Symptoms of feline diabetes are increased thirst, altered appetite, weight loss, poor coat condition and lethargy. It is imperative to see the veterinarian as soon as possible if symptoms are present since feline diabetes can be life-threatening.

Diagnosis of Feline Diabetes

It is important to bring your cat to a veterinarian for tests that include a blood glucose test and the serum fructosamine test that provides the average blood glucose level for the last two weeks.

Home Monitoring of Glucose

To check glucose, dip urine test strips into a mixture of non-clumping cat litter that has recently been urinated on mixed with a few tbsp of water.

Reaction to Out of Range Glucose

Having blood glucose under 80 can cause your cat to act sluggish, have a seizure or lose consciousness; raise your cat's blood glucose immediately with honey or syrup. If your cat has a ravenous appetite and is extremely thirsty, a high blood glucose level should be suspected and you should contact your veterinarian for instructions.

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