Antibiotic Eye Drops for Cats

Written by chelsea rose | 13/05/2017
Antibiotic Eye Drops for Cats
Pink eye is a very common eye problem for cats. (Image by, courtesy of Umberto Salvagnin)

Antibiotic eyedrops are commonly used in cats to treat eye problems resulting from bacterial infections. They can be used safely and with minimal side effects.

Cat Conjunctivitis

Cat pink eye, conjunctivitis, is the most common eye problem in cats. It's characterized by a pinkish inflammation of the mucus membrane. Antibiotic eyedrops often are prescribed for this condition.

Why It Works

Antibiotic eyedrops contain substances that kill bacteria on contact. Sometimes, several applications throughout the day are necessary to handle the problem.

When to Use Them

Antibiotic eyedrops should be used only when the eye problem is caused by bacteria. Scratches, foreign objects and viruses will not respond to the use of antibacterial treatment.


Sometimes cats have an allergic reaction to the eyedrops. Signs of allergy include increased irritation, sneezing, coughing, runny nose or difficulty breathing.


Use the eyedrops only as prescribed by the veterinarian; additional or incorrect use can be toxic for the cat.

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