Non-Malignant Tumors in Dogs

Written by adrienne farricelli Google
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Non-Malignant Tumors in Dogs
(Image by, courtesy of John Haslam)

While finding a suspicious lump on a dog may cause concern in most dog owners, the good news is that a relatively good number of such growths may be common benign tumours. However, to be on the safe side, it is highly recommended to have such growths assessed by a veterinarian.


These fatty tumours are the most common types of benign lumps found in dogs. They typically present as fatty deposits that are soft, smooth, non painful and movable, found just under the skin.


Generally histiocytomas are non-cancerous tumours and are commonly found in young dogs. They present as red dome shaped growths that may be painful when touched and that are often found on the dog's ears, face and feet.

Sebaceous Gland Tumors

These generally benign tumours often confused for warts, are small (about the size of a pea or less) and are commonly found on older dogs. They should be removed if they start bleeding, if they are itchy or if they are on a location that interferes with grooming.

Viral Papillomas

Viral papilloma warts in dogs may be round but often assume a typical anemone or cauliflower shape. They can be found inside the mouth, on the lips and more rarely on the eyelids, near the eye or between toes.

Perianal Gland Tumors

These tumours are generally beningn (adenomas) and are mostly found in intact male dogs. They are small lumps found in the anal gland area around the rectum.


It is important to note that some tumours may appear to be benign but may be malignant instead. This is why it is so important to have any growths seen by a veterinarian. For instance, mast cell tumours are known in the veterinary field as the ''great imitators'' because they often resemble innocent lipomas.

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