How Do I Know If My Scabies Are Gone?

Written by erika dean | 13/05/2017

Scabies is a skin condition caused by a scabies mite that burrows under the skin. According to Centers for Disease Control, scabies can spread quickly in crowded places, such as a nursing home or a school.


A doctor can verify scabies by checking under the skin to see if a scabies mite or egg is present.


Scabies cause small burrows, blisters or rashes to appear on the skin and cause severe itching.


Doctors prescribe a lotion, a cream or an oral medication to treat scabies.

Time Frame

According to Mayo Clinic, scabies mites should die promptly after applying or taking the medication. While itching may persist for two to four weeks after the mites have died, you will know that the treatment worked if no new burrows or rashes appear.


You can help prevent further scabies outbreaks by washing all clothing and linens in hot water and avoiding skin-to-skin contact with people who are infested.


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