Facts About the Diamond Wedding Anniversary

Updated July 19, 2017

Each wedding anniversary is special, but the diamond anniversary is especially worthy of celebration. When a man and wife reach the diamond anniversary, they have made a noteworthy accomplishment.

The Facts

A couple's 60th wedding anniversary is traditionally referred to as the diamond anniversary. It is the last one to which a specific gift or element is assigned.


Etiquette expert Emily Post in 1922 created the traditional anniversary gift chart. In her book "Etiquette" she outlines a list of appropriate anniversary gifts by year.


A couple's 75th anniversary was once considered the diamond anniversary. It became acceptable to celebrate the diamond anniversary at 60 years of marriage after Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th year as Queen of England in 1897. She called it her Diamond Jubilee.

Famous Ties

Famous couples who have celebrated their diamond anniversary include former President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, as well as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Fun Fact

Hasbro celebrated the 60th anniversary of Scrabble by releasing the Diamond Anniversary Edition of the game.

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