What are the causes of right-side chest pain?

Updated March 23, 2017

Chest pain can be scary, no matter which side it occurs on. Thankfully, right-side chest pain usually is not from a cardiac cause and is most likely not an emergency.

Gallbladder Problems

Gallbladder problems can cause right-side chest pain. If your notice that your pain is sharp and originating in your right abdomen, then gallstones are a likely cause. These may be more pronounced in people with coronary artery disease.

Liver Inflammation

Liver inflammation can cause right-side chest pain. Although your liver is in your upper right abdomen, you can have "referred pain" in your chest. Your inflammation may have been caused by a virus, bacterial infection or metabolic disorder.

Pulled Muscle

A pulled muscle or ligament on the right side can cause right-side chest pain. If you are mostly in pain when you use muscles in that area, then this is a likely cause. A hot or cold compress may help.

Chest Wall Pain

Chest wall pain can occur on the right side, although it is most common on the left. Chest wall pain occurs when the costosternal joint become inflamed.

Lung Infection

A lung infection can cause pain on one or both sides, and you may notice it just on the right side at first. If you have pain when you breathe or have trouble breathing, this is a likely cause.

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