The Best Vitamins for Height Growth

Updated February 21, 2017

Height is determined by genetics, health, and environment and is possible because of bone growth. A healthy diet supplemented with vitamins encourages successful bone growth ensuring full height is obtained.


Vitamins and minerals taken as supplements add to the growth benefits of a diet. Vitamins are available as pills and liquid additives.

Types of Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin A strengthens bones leading to height growth. Foods rich in vitamin A include egg yolks. Vitamin D encourages strong bones. Foods rich in vitamin D include meat and dairy. Vitamin B is necessary to maintain muscles. Bananas are rich in vitamin B. These are available as supplements.

Types of Mineral-rich Foods

Calcium is needed for strong bones. "During the first 30 years of life our bones are constantly building more bone and storing calcium," says Teengrowth. Dairy products are sources of calcium. Zinc promotes growth and immune strength. Oatmeal and liver are rich in zinc.


While Vitamin A is necessary to achieve full height, taking too much can be toxic. Vitamin B is expelled with urine; taking too much is not productive.


Minerals and vitamins ensure full growth. Taking supplements balances a healthy diet.

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