Olive oil for dog ear infection

Updated November 21, 2016

Olive oil has many benefits, however most people are not aware that olive oil is even beneficial to their pets. When you are looking for a soothing and natural way to treat a dogs' ear infection, olive oil can help. More often than not, a dog will get an ear infection due to ear mites, which are microscopic insects that live on the surface of a dogs' ears.


Dogs with infected ears will constantly shake their heads and scratch their ears often. The ears will look red and inflamed and might also have a bad odour.

Why Treat

If a dogs' ears are left untreated, then the infection can become so bad that it can cause the dogs' eardrums to burst.


Olive oil provides soothing relief to your dogs infected ears. If ear mites are the reason for the infection, the olive oil will also smother them out.

How to Use

Clean the dog's ears thoroughly and then add a few drops of olive oil to the ear canal and gently massage into the ear. Vitamin E oil can also be added for extra healing properties.

Expert Insight

Many ear drops prescribed by veterinarians contain insecticides. Although they may take care of the infection, they also inhibit the natural immune system causing recurrences. Treating your dogs ears with olive oil in place of antibiotics allows the ear to heal without diminishing the animals immune system.

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