What Does it Cost to Paint the Outside of a House?

Painting the exterior of your home helps prevent surface deterioration, saving you from costly repairs later on. The cost of painting the exterior of a home depends on a variety of factors.


An estimate to paint the exterior of your home should include both materials and labour. Materials include paint and painting supplies. Labor includes all necessary preparation and cleanup work.


Areas with a weak housing market will enjoy a lower cost to paint a home's exterior, as companies will take on projects at a discount in order to keep business.

Seasonal Factors

Contractors usually charge less in the early spring or late fall. Inquire about seasonal discounts or see if a contractor can squeeze you in between jobs at a discount.


The type of paint desired and the size of your home determine the cost of exterior painting. Any necessary repairs add to the overall cost. estimates an overall cost of £975-5,500 for this type of project as of October 2012, depending on the size of your home.


A poor paint job can create more costly repairs. Use a dependable and reputable contractor with experience painting home exteriors rather than selecting the cheapest estimate.

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