What are the benefits of heat lamp therapy?

Updated February 21, 2017

Heat lamp therapy is a treatment used in physiotherapy. Heat therapies (also called hyperthermia) using a heat lamp can promote wound healing and general comfort. Patients should be tested for skin sensitivity when applying a heat lamp. Overexposure can cause burns.

Relieves Inflammation

Heat lamp therapy is applied to the outside of the body and helps relieve pain and inflammation. It can relieve symptoms of arthritis and muscle and joint problems.

Aids Mobility

The warmth generated from heat lamp therapy increases blood flow, thereby assisting in the relief of muscle spasm and general pain found from immobility.

Reduces Pain

Clinical trials using low level heat therapy on acute muscular back pain showed reduced pain intensity and an increase in pain relief.

Replaces OTC Drugs

Used alone or combined with exercise or physiotherapy, heat therapy aids in pain relief without the use of over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Heat lamp therapy is free of addiction potential and may be used safely by pregnant women under the supervision of doctor.

Loosens Tightness

Heat lamps, just like heating pads, can be used to loosen tight muscles. Apply heat as directed by a doctor, generally after acute pain and spasms have subsided.

Promotes Wound Healing

Heat lamps can be used in place of sun exposure to assist the body in the healing of wounds.

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