Differences Between Ragdoll & Ragamuffin Cats

There are many similarities between Ragdoll and Ragamuffin cat breeds. Both are large, longhair breeds developed in the United States. Both breeds began in the 1960s from the same female stray cat named Josephine. Both breeds are bred not only for looks, but to have a friendly temperament and to go limp when picked up. But there, the similarities end.


The Ragdoll breed came first, but original breeder and International Ragdoll Cat Association founder Ann Baker trademarked the name and set the breed standard, including body and eye colour. Ragamuffins were based on Ragdolls that could not be registered.


Ragdolls can mature at three years of age; Ragamuffins do not mature until they are four.


Ragdolls can only be registered if both parents are Radgolls. Ragamuffins can be registered if only one parent is a Ragamuffin.

Body Color

Ragdolls can only come in colours known to Siamese or with white paws and Siamese patterns. Ragamuffins can come in any colour.

Eye Color

Ragdolls are only allowed to have blue eyes. Ragamuffins can have any coloured eyes and can even have bi-coloured eyes, where each eye is a different colour.

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