Types of islamic clothing

Written by saira ahmed | 13/05/2017
Types of islamic clothing
Exampe of Arab dress (http://www.everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=4242291)

Islam is the second-largest religion in the world with approximately one billion followers. The clothing worn by Muslims is of many different styles and colours, and varies according to culture, ethnicity and personal preferences. There are, however, certain universal requirements for Islamic dress.

Requirements for Men

Types of islamic clothing
Exampe of Arab dress (http://www.everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=4242291)

The only guideline for men's clothing is that it covers the body from the knee to the belly button. In practice, Muslim men throughout the world cover most of their bodies.

Requirements for Women

Islamic scholars generally agree that, while in public, a Muslim woman should cover her entire body except for her face and hands. Some believe a Muslim woman must cover her face as well.


Clothing specific to Islam include the galabeya, the kaftan, the thobe and the shalwar kameez.


Types of islamic clothing
Woman Wearing Hijab (http://www.everystockphoto.com/photo.php?imageId=2243328)

The hijab is a Muslim woman's head covering and it has been a controversial issue for some Western countries. In 2004, France passed a law banning the wearing of headscarves in state schools.

Islamic Fashion

In recent years, fashion designers such as Saouli, Artizara, and Taqwa Aquil have designed clothing that is modern, yet conforms to Islamic traditions.

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