Facts about Angus cows

Written by lori weaver | 13/05/2017
Facts about Angus cows
Angus cows are big in America. (Photo courtesy: USDA Agricultural Research Service, Photo courtesy: USDA/Scott Bauer, Photo courtesy: Shamrock Nook Farm)

Angus cattle are known for efficient growth, strong maternal instincts and certified beef, characteristics that have helped make the Scottish breed the most popular in America. More cattle are recorded yearly by the American Angus Association than any other breed association worldwide.


Known historically as the Aberdeen Angus breed, the cattle originated in the two northern Scotland counties of the same name.


Angus are polled cattle, meaning they are naturally without horns. Cows usually have easy births and the breed is known to be relatively docile.


Although Angus cattle can be red or black, black was the more sought-after colour during the breed's early development, particularly in North America. But the recessive red colour remained in the gene pool and has now developed its own strong enthusiasts.


The American Angus Association, representing Black Angus, was the first beef breed to differentiate its product with consumers through its Certified Angus Beef program started in 1978. It is now the largest branded beef program worldwide.


Typical Angus cows weigh between 454 and 590 kg (1,000 and 1,300 lb) at maturity.

Fun fact

The United States differentiates between Black Angus and Red Angus in registering cattle, but in other countries around the world both colours are recorded in one registry.

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