What is the best glue to use for vellum?

Updated February 21, 2017

Vellum is a transparent paper that comes in coloured or printed sheets. Vellum can be used for scrapbooking, card crafting, envelope construction and other paper crafts. It is important to have a glue or adhesive that will also be transparent when adhering vellum to itself or to a project.

Vellum Glue Dots

These small transparent dots of adhesive are double sided with an instant bonding capability for paper projects. The dots come packaged on small sheets of paper. Peel the dots off and press on to your vellum paper.

Crop and Glue Vellum Adhesive

Crop and Glue has adhesives that will work well with vellum. Apply the double sided adhesive to a vellum project and it becomes transparent as it dries. Crop and Glue also has "GlueRings" which is a product on a roll that you can place on your finger and roll across the surface of a piece of vellum. The ring has tiny transparent dots of permanent adhesive that rolls out on to the paper.

Vellum Adhesive Runner

Hold the small plastic container that fits in your hand and roll the tip of it on to the surface of your vellum paper. Adhesive rolls out of the tip of the container and over the surface that you press it to. The adhesive runner gives a smooth application of transparent adhesive to the vellum paper pieces.

3L Transparent Mounting Squares

3L has produced a small transparent mounting tab that enables a paper crafter to adhere vellum to other paper. This is one of the only vellum adhesive tabs that is transparent. Pull tabs from the protective packaging and apply to vellum.

3L Adhesive Sheets

These 3 and 15/16 inch by 5 and 7/8 inch sheets of adhesive are excellent for vellum projects. You can cut to a size that works with your vellum crafting project. This acid free, archival safe material is ideal for working with vellum and ribbon or other card and scrapbooking supplies.

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