How to Attach Aluminum Cans Together for Hobbies Images

Aluminium cans are one of the best craft materials. They are cheap, sturdy, and waterproof. The surface can be painted, drilled, crushed and cut. The aluminium can is made out of two parts, the lid and the body of the can. Both pieces can be used in craft projects.

Cans can be attached together with industrial strength craft adhesive for hobbies. A soda can biplane is a classic example of can craft.

Start by laying out your project and identifying which pieces need to be attached.

Make your cuts using a box opener with a fresh blade.

Use the sand paper to rough up the surface to where two pieces come together. In a circular motion, scuff up the surface. Do this to both pieces.

Apply a liberal amount of the industrial strength craft glue. This glue comes in a metal tube and is one of the only things that will stick to an aluminium can.

Add pressure so the craft glue has a good hold on the two pieces. In a few minutes, the glue will cure and you are ready to attach another piece to your hobby project.