What is a label on spreadsheet?

Written by tricia goss | 13/05/2017
What is a label on spreadsheet?
(Tricia Goss)

Spreadsheets are beneficial in both home and office applications. They display data comprehensively, can be sorted or altered with ease and can contain powerful formulas that make automatic calculations. Labels are a type of data used in spreadsheets


Labels are used to identify other data in a spreadsheet. A label is not associated with a particular value. Instead, it defines the column, spreadsheet or chart to which it is relevant.


Labels can be used to name a cell or range of cells. They can identify a column or row, describing the type of data that row or column contains. They can also be used for headings and titles.


Numbers can be included in a label, but those numbers will be viewed as text. This means that number formatting or functions cannot be applied to numbers in a spreadsheet label.


Labels used to identify data in spreadsheet rows or columns can be used in functions and formulas in the place of entering an entire cell range. Instead of referring to "C4:C21," for example, the user can simply enter the column label, "Sales Staff," into the formula instead.


Spreadsheet labels can have text formatting applied to them. This means that fonts, sizes, colours and other text effects can be used to format the labels as needed.

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