What Are the Benefits of Serrapeptase?

Updated July 19, 2017

Serrapeptase has shown significant improvements in patients who used this enzyme to treat joint pain and swelling. There are claims of marked improvement in symptoms associated with the pain and swelling in the patients that received the tablets. There are other benefits that may be associated with Serrapeptase which include helping with swelling of the throat.


Serrapeptese may help relieve arthritis pain, headaches and some swelling that occurs after injuries or surgery.


Serrapeptese is an enzyme that comes from an organism that has been found in silkworm. It is often used in clinics in Japan.

Side Effects

Some cases of mild skin rashes have occurred in a few patients, as well as nausea and stomach irritation.


This enzyme can be purchased at many herbal medicine stores, locally or online, for around £13.


Dosage recommendations on the bottle recommend one to two tablets twice a day. It is suggested that you take only one per day until you see how the tablets will affect you and speak to your doctor.

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