Parasites in the Colon Symptoms

Updated April 17, 2017

Parasites in the colon are a common problem that can cause great amounts of internal damage. These creatures are transmitted to humans through the air, food and water. They inflame the colon and intestinal walls causing a variety of symptoms.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Constipation, excessive gas and bloating, bulky stool and diarrhoea are all potential symptoms caused by a parasite infestation in the colon.

Skin Symptoms

Even skin conditions sometimes erupt when there is a parasitic problem with the colon. These can be hives, ulcers, rashes and sores of varying sorts.

Energy Symptoms

Since the parasites are feeding inside of the colon, they are weakening the body and robbing it of vital nutrients. A sufferer may experience abnormally low energy levels, weakness and exhaustion.

Emotional Symptoms

Malnutrition caused by parasites in the colon can cause symptoms of depression and nervousness.


Parasitic eggs may be encased in large masses, which are like tumours inside of the colon and along the walls of the rectum.

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