What do I say on a card for funeral flowers?

Written by v. l. hamlin | 13/05/2017
What do I say on a card for funeral flowers?
Express heartfelt feelings. (thai funeral image by Adrian Hillman from Fotolia.com)

Writing a card for a funeral is often a difficult and painful task. Not only because of the situation, but trying to find the right words to convey your feelings on paper is often hard. There are many things you can say on a card for funeral flowers that will show the family how much you care. Below are just a few.


If the family receiving the card is religious, you might say, "Our prayers are with you during this time of need."


Send a card saying, "Our thoughts are with you" to someone you are close to who has lost someone you did not know.


For the family of someone you were close to, it would be proper to offer your sympathy with words such as, "We express our deepest sympathy for your loss."


When sending a card for a funeral of someone you did not know well, it would be appropriate to send a card stating "with heartfelt condolences."


If someone close to you loses a family member who you knew well, you might say, "May your heart and soul find comfort in this time of loss."


When someone in your own family dies, it is appropriate to write "With loving memories of [Deceased's Name]" on a card for funeral flowers.

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