Child Care Centers Rules & Regulations

Updated April 17, 2017

Every well-run childcare facility will have an established policy in regards to rules and regulations. This policy allows them to hold children and parents to particular standards and ensure health, safety and security for the children who attend. Although specific rules may vary from one facility to another, the following rules and regulations are generally universal.


Parents must adhere to an agreed-upon schedule for drop off and pick up. Many childcare facilities will charge extra or even expel a child who is left at the facility for longer than allowed in her contract.


Tuition must be paid on time and in the agreed-upon amount in order for a child to attend the program.


An appropriate discipline policy will state what is and is not acceptable practice when dealing with a child's inappropriate behaviour. Teachers should not be allowed to hit or yell at a child, but they may use "time outs" or redirection to enforce classroom rules.

Classroom Rules

There will be a clear standard of behaviour for children in the program that prohibits hitting, biting or yelling but encourages sharing, taking turns and using "inside" voices.


The program will have clear guidelines as to what medical records and doctor's recommendations are needed for each child, as well as a standard of health for daily attendance.

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