What are estate pipes?

When most people think of smoking, they think of cigarettes or cigars. The tradition of smoking however goes back a great deal further than these more modern, disposable methods. Pipe smoking, with all of its etiquette, culture, customs, and interesting quirks, is an entire world all its own.


An estate pipe, by the simplest definition, is a pipe that has had one or more previous owners and is being re-sold after a thorough cleaning.


Estate pipes are often a great deal cheaper than buying a new smoking pipe, costing anywhere from 15 to 75 dollars depending on the rarity and condition of the pipe itself.


Estate pipes are not only cheaper but may have built up a layer inside of them due to previous smoking that protects the inside of the pipe. This makes them ideal for both beginning pipe smokers and veterans of the activity.


Like any previously used product, an estate pipe may be damaged or poorly repaired. Before buying an estate pipe examine the mouthpiece, bowl and stem for any signs of a poor repair job or obvious damage.


Any pipe has the potential to become an estate pipe. No matter how expensive or cheap, old or new a pipe is, it may be resold as an estate pipe, which often makes them prime targets for collectors who are looking for a collectable pipe at a reduced price.

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