Home Remedies for Squirrel Pest Control

Updated June 18, 2018

Though furry and cute, squirrels can cause serious problems if they get inside of your home's attic. Despite the damage the can do, they can also start a house fire by chewing on your electrical wiring. There is no product on the market you can purchase to kill them to get rid of them, so humane trapping is the best option. With precautionary treatment, your squirrel problem should be gone in no time.

Access the Situation

Your first course of action will be to see where the squirrels are getting into your home. Many times there's a hole in the roof, fascia or a soffit is missing, allowing them entry into your attic area. Until you figure out where the problem is located and fix it, you won't solve your squirrel problem.

Remove the Problem Area

Squirrels are terrific jumpers and climbers, so many times low, hanging branches help them get into your house. Trim any branches away from your house that are helping the squirrels get into it. If you have firewood or other debris stacked up next to your house, remove it. The squirrels can also use this to climb onto and get inside your house. You will also want to remove the food source, if any. If you are feeding the birds, the squirrels are naturally attracted to the seed. Until you get the squirrel problem under control, you may have to suspend feeding the birds for a time.

Trapping the Squirrels

Before you seal any openings in your roof to keep the squirrels out, trap them. The last thing you want is to seal a squirrel family up in your attic. Not only will they stink once they die, their chewing habits may have them chewing on your wires and house to try and escape their sealed tomb. Purchase or rent a wildlife trap that will trap the squirrels alive. You will then need to relocate them to an area several miles from your house. Otherwise, they'll find their way back home to your house. A wildlife trapper will assist you in the matter if needed or give you information on where you can purchase or rent a live trap in your area. Pest control specialists will not be able to help you when it comes to catching live mammals such as squirrels.

Seal the Openings

Once you have all the squirrels safely removed from your attic and you're sure you got them all, fix all the breaks. The last thing you'll want is for them to re-enter the premises, so do your repairs as soon as the squirrels leave the area. Fix any holes in your roof or fascia by at least putting up a wire mesh over the opening. Repair any cracks in the foundation of the walls and install new soffits if required.

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