Viral arthritis symptoms

When someone has developed viral arthritis, he is actually suffering from an irritation and inflammation of the joints due to an infection, like mumps or rubella. But it may come from other viruses that have ultimately moved into one or more of a person's joints. While this type of arthritis is essentially considered a symptom of the condition that caused the flare-up, it has its own set of symptoms.


Most people who are suffering from viral arthritis often experience some level of pain within their joints. It will most likely be a fairly severe pain, especially during movement.


Along with this pain, many people will notice a certain amount of swelling within the affected area. This swelling will typically be isolated the joints, but could stretch into neighbouring tissue.


This particular symptom may sound a little odd, but some people who are suffering from viral arthritis may begin to feel a little more heat or elevated temperature within the affected joint.


Many people who are suffering from viral arthritis may also experience the symptom of a fever. It will usually be more moderate or low-grade, coming in at around 37.8 degrees C.


Sometimes, this fever may also be accompanied by the chills, making this another symptom of viral arthritis. These chills may also bring with the shakes.

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