How Much Should I Pay for an Overnight Nanny?

Updated April 17, 2017

The most common way to pay a nanny for overnight work is to pay one flat rate for the hours when the children are sleeping and an hourly rate for the time when the children are awake. Rates for sleeping time typically range from £16-$50. Hourly rates vary based on the number of children, their ages and the hours watched.

Half-Time Rate

Nannies can also charge half of their hourly rate for sleep hours. So if the hourly rate during the day was £7, they would charge £3 for each sleeping hour.

Bottom Line

Depending on the day of the week and total number of children, the hourly rate for waking hours should be anywhere from £5 to £13. However, a flat rate for sleeping hours is customary and should range between £16 to £65 per night. Another thing to consider is weekends and holidays. Since these are the most popular time for parents to get away, you might consider paying more because nannies are a higher demand on these days and watching your kids overnight is cutting into their free time.

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