How much weight should I lift to tone my arms?

Updated July 19, 2017

Free weights are the most common way to tone biceps, triceps and forearms. Women should use weights in the 1.36 to 3.63kg. range doing three sets of 10 to15 reps a day. Men should use 4.54 to 6.8kg. weights and do three sets of 15 to 20 reps day. For maximum results, reps should be done very slowly, and if a burning sensation is not felt then increase the weight slightly or add an additional set of reps.

Push-Ups Can Be a Simpler Method

Push-ups are an ideal exercise to tone arms, because they're based on body weight and can be done against a wall, on the floor, or in a reverse position on a chair. The weight distribution can also be adjusted for easier and harder push-ups depending on your position. It is also a much cheaper alternative than free weights, and safer, causing less strain.

Bottom Line

It is best to own a set of free weights, and do push-ups separately as a way to improve core strength and balance. If arms are flabby then you should buy free weights in order to increase muscle strength, before considering doing push-ups. At the same time, if gym memberships or free weights are too pricey then push-ups are a great alternative.

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