How much should it cost a painter to paint one bedroom?

Updated February 21, 2017

According to the Cost Helper website, a roughly 200-square foot bedroom costs between £52 or £130 just for paint and related supplies; since labour is usually 75 per cent of the job's cost, by this estimation you can plan to spend between £260 to £650 as of 2010 to have your bedroom professionally painted. A professional painter will want to caulk, prime, tape and paint on a minimum of two coats, which may further increase the cost.

Cheaper Options Exist

According to Which? magazine, the average rate in 2014 for a professional decorator to paint a small room of 2 metres (7 feet) square is £180 while the rate for a larger room of 6 metres (20 feet) square is £335. However, if the job involves stripping wallpaper or painting over paper, this can increase to £480. A professional painter will want to prime all surfaces and paint on a minimum of two coats, which may further increase costs.

Cheaper option

Some painters will work for far less. Often, however, these painters are uninsured and inexperienced, and some may request cash in an effort to avoid paying tax. Additionally, some painters cut costs by using cheaper paints and other materials. These painters can charge less for their work because their costs are less than professional painting contractors.

Bottom line

Hiring an uninsured painter or decorator is risky because if they are injured during the job, you may be liable. Expect to pay up to £500 for your bedroom to be painted by a professional and insured and bonded painter using good quality supplies.

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