How Long Should a New Concrete Driveway Cure Before You Can Drive on It?

Updated March 23, 2017

As a general rule, it takes three to seven days before a new concrete driveway is ready to be driven on, depending on the mix of the concrete and the climate. Water makes concrete easier to work with but also increases cure time. Also, concrete cures faster in warmer weather.

The Longer You Wait the Stronger the Concrete

It takes 28 days for concrete to achieve 90 per cent of its strength. The longer you wait, the stronger the concrete will be and the less likely you are to damage or weaken it by driving on it too soon.

Bottom Line

Check with the contractor who installed the concrete for his recommendation on when it's safe to drive on it. The contractor is the expert and should know precisely how long to wait. In any event, it should not be more than seven days for concrete that is subjected to typical wear and tear.

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