Right brain careers

Written by laura bramble
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Right brain careers
Right brain thinkers are creative. (Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty Images)

The human brain has two hemispheres---a right one and a left one. Each controls a different set of characteristics and abilities. While everyone uses both sides of their brain, each person has a dominate side which may be genetically determined from birth. Life experiences and preferences can either enhance the preference or provide a degree of balance between both hemispheres. For those who have a dominance of the right side of the brain, or right brain, there are careers that compliment the skills and abilities fostered by the right side of the brain.


The right brain is the home of emotions, creativity, intuition, motivation, "big picture" thinking and music. The left side is the home of logic, rational thought, problem solving and detail-oriented thinking. Long-term memories are stored in the right brain, while short-term memories are stored in the left brain. Humans feel with the right brain, but control and interpret those feelings with the left brain.


The right brain has been associated with artists, since it is the seat of creativity. Careers such as painting, sculpting, music, poetry and acting are all right-brained activities. These careers tap into not only creativity, but also use emotion and feelings as a filter for expression. However, these are not the only career choices that work well for right brain thinkers.


Besides finding a home in the arts, right brain thinkers are effective in careers that require "outside the box" solutions. Advertising, sales and marketing often require a new approach to ordinary products and ideas. The ability of right brain thinkers to find new and creative ways of looking at things allows them to be particularly effective in these fields.


Entrepreneurs stretch boundaries, find new ways of doing things and see things from a visionary standpoint. They must also possess a great deal of dedication and internal motivation while being able to find the emotional component that will inspire and motivate others. Many successful, innovative entrepreneurs who took a radical idea and made it real are right brain thinkers.


There are many fields that have different career aspects that appeal to both right and left brain thinkers. The detail-oriented focus of tort and corporate law would appeal to left brain thinkers, but the empathetic and sometimes dramatic nature of civil or criminal law would appeal to right brain thinkers. Psychiatrists and neurologists, with their knowledge of brain chemistry and function, may tend to be left brain thinkers, while psychologists and therapists, with their focus on empathy and intuition, may likely be right brain thinkers.

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