NMC Student Code of Conduct

Written by al vick | 13/05/2017
NMC Student Code of Conduct
All students at NMC are bound by the institution's code of ethics. (Campus image by Petro Feketa from Fotolia.com)

At Northwest Michigan College, or NMC, the student code of ethics is contained within a broader institutional effectiveness criterion, which defines the rights and responsibilities of the student body. The code applies to all persons registered for an academic credit course.


According to NMC guidelines, the policy governs all personal conduct that occurs on the institution's property, as well as student behaviour at all official college functions.

Restricted Behavior

The institution's ethical code promotes honesty, while strongly urging students to avoid conduct involving harassment or intimidation, discrimination and any activity that endangers the health and safety of others. Students must not interfere with the learning process or disrupt any school functions. Enrolled persons must abide by all local laws and ordinances.

Abuse of Disciplinary Process

Students must obey the summons of the disciplinary body or college officials. They must neither distort information given to officials nor attempt to influence the impartiality of any member of a disciplinary board.

Procedures and Remedies

After an informal inquiry, the Dean for Enrollment Management may decide upon disciplinary action if she believes that an ethical violation has occurred. Action against a student may involve a written warning; or in more serious cases, community service or suspension.

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