Facts About Fittonia Exotic Angel Plants

Updated February 21, 2017

Native to Central and South America, fittonia is a creeping evergreen plant, cultivated for its attractive silver or red-veined leaves. "Exotic Angel Plants" is a registered trademark of Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses Inc., a Florida-based grower and wholesaler of tropical houseplants, including fittonia.


Fittonia is also known as "nerve plant," for its nerve-like vein configuration and "painted net leaf." The Exotic Angel varieties are Fittonia albivensis (Verschaffeltii Group), sometimes also known as Fittonia argyroneura. The species was first described in the 19th century by botanist Charles Antoine Lemaire.

Finding Fittonia

Fittonia plants are at nurseries, garden centres and mass merchandisers.The 21 Exotic Angel varieties include specimens with white or red veination, cream leaf edges and pink or rose overtones.


Fittonia flourish indoors in locations with high humidity and indirect sunlight (north-facing windows). Water when dry but do not overwater, as plants will rot. To promote dense foliage, pinch off the ends of the growing stems.

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