The average cost of installing a fence

Several variables must be considered in determining the average cost of installing a fence. Such factors include the type of fence that will be installed, the material that will be used in the construction of the fence, the length of fencing needed and the means of installation. Having a fencing system installed can cost several thousands of dollars.


Consumers have many options to choose from in terms of what “type” of fencing system to install. A few of the more popular types of fencing systems offered by manufacturers are privacy fencing, picket fencing, three-rail fencing and chain link fencing. Each different type of fencing system offers certain advantages and disadvantages.


Cost Helper claims that 300 feet of privacy fencing can cost consumers upwards of £3,900, as of 2010. To encompass an acre of land with privacy fencing can cost up to £13,000. The cost of 300 feet of picket fencing can reach £6,500, and an acre can cost up to £19,500. Installing 300 feet of three-rail fencing can cost up to £3,900, or up to £9,100 for enough to surround an acre of land. Having 300 feet of chain link fencing installed can cost around £1,625, and enclosing an acre can cost up to £7,800.

Additional Costs

There are several additional costs that can greatly increase the overall price tag associated with having a fencing system installed. If gates are needed, they can cost several hundred dollars apiece. Installing a few gates can increase the cost of a fencing installation project by a couple of thousand dollars. If fencing needs to be installed on difficult terrain, installation companies may charge the consumer an additional fee.


Installation costs can sometimes account for most of the ultimate cost of having a fencing system installed. According to Cost Helper in 2010, self-installing privacy fencing as well as three-rail fencing can save the consumer up to 50 per cent of the total cost of having such types of fencing installed by professionals.


Different types of fences offer different features. Privacy fencing is typically constructed to a height of around 6 feet. Cedar is a popular species of wood used in the construction of privacy fencing. Chain link fences are traditionally manufactured out of stainless steel, which requires little in the way of maintenance over the years.

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