Mother of the bride traditions

The wedding is a special moment for the mother of the bride as she watches her daughter become a wife. With the honour of mother of the bride comes some responsibilities and traditions. In addition to contributing to the wedding financially, the mother of the bride helps her daughter with the wedding planning and receives special treatment on the wedding day. Although wedding traditions and expectations vary by culture, there are several ways a mother of the bride participates in her daughter's special day.

Hosts Engagement Party

The bride's parents host an engagement party two to four months after the proposal, according to The Knot. The mother of the bride should work with her daughter and future son-in-law to create an engagement party guest list, making sure that everyone who receives an invitation to the party also receives one to the wedding. Engagement parties range from casual backyard barbecues to formal, catered affairs. The mother of the bride coordinates with the couple to choose the ideal type of party.

Stands in Receiving Line

If the bride and groom choose to have a receiving line to greet guests at their reception, the mother of the bride also welcomes guests. According to The Knot, tradition calls for the bride's parents to stand at the front of the receiving line, especially if they are the hosts (i.e., financially funding the wedding). As a part of the receiving line, the mother of the bride has the opportunity to thank guests for attending.

Walks Down Aisle

Although tradition calls for the father of the bride to escort his daughter down the aisle, modern-day weddings give brides the opportunity to establish new traditions. Often, the bride walks down the aisle with both her father and mother, with her father on her left side and her mother on her right, according to

Seated Last at Wedding

If the mother of the bride does not escort her daughter down the aisle, she is the last person to sit before the bride, according to Often, the bride's brother or another male family member walks the mother of the bride down the aisle, and she sits in the first row on the left side of the wedding venue.

Coordinate Outfits

The mother of the bride should coordinate her wedding day attire with the mother of the groom. According to Your Wedding Place, the mothers' outfits, usually dresses, should complement one another but not match. The mother of the bride has the first choice in a dress colour, and the mother of the groom then chooses a complementary colour.

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