Job Description for a Legal Advisor

Legal advisers work in the justice system as experts in the law to assist with individuals and businesses. They ensure their clients are properly following laws and attempt to minimise penalties for their clients if the law is broken. They can advise in the areas of contract, regulations, government and commercial issues. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, legal advisers are expected to grow over 13 per cent. The industries of growth include health care, bankruptcy and intellectual property.


Legal advisers are responsible for providing legal assistance on any kind of contracts, disputes or regulations handed down from the federal or municipal government. They can also work with other members to discuss the legal aspects of fund-raising, policies, procedures and taxes. They can ensure businesses remain in compliance with various legal issues. Legal advisers also advise their clients to limit the risks of being litigated. They review, analyse and interpret any legal documents for their clients and negotiate any disputes that occur with their client.


Legal advisers must have excellent written and oral communication skills. They must be highly analytical and effective problem solvers. They must be confident and offer pragmatic and logical judgment. They must be able to work with different people of multiple backgrounds and must be able to mediate individuals effectively as well organise projects. They must work well under pressure and handle deadlines.


Legal advisers have bachelor's degrees in law or related fields; for example, they may have a degree in political science or sociology. Legal advisers attend law school. They may work as interns or paralegals as they earned their credentials for being lawyers.


Legal advisers spend a lot of time in offices. They may work independently in their own office or may work in offices of other locations depending on where their client is located. They may visit their clients at other locations as well. In some cases, they will be in the court testifying or mediating for their client. They work long hours and spend lots of time researching and communicating with others.


Based on Cbsalary, the average legal adviser can earn approximately £89,523 per year. Their salary is based on experience, industry and location.

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