Facial Symmetry Exercises

Facial symmetry is related to beauty and good health. According to the Journal of Young Investigators, "this symmetry has been scientifically proven to be inherently attractive to the human eye." The use of facial exercises can increase the symmetry of the face, as well as tone the muscles, providing a more beautiful, youthful appearance.

The "O" Exercise

According to, the "O" exercise strengthens all the facial muscles, flushing the face with new blood and leaving you feeling energised. With persistent training over time, this exercise can also help the face appear more symmetrical. The exercise is performed by tilting the head slightly upward, wrapping the lips around the teeth and making the mouth into an "o" shape. The "o" is then made smaller, keeping the lips tightly wrapped around the teeth, and the position is held for a count of six. Repeat 10 times.

The Chin Exercise

This exercise strengthens the muscles in the chin and minimises a double chin. It is performed by sitting straight in a chair, tilting the head back and looking towards the ceiling. The lips are closed, made round and held for a count of 20. The head is then returned to an upright position.

Using the Palms

In this exercise, the palms of the hands are used to stimulate the facial muscles and increase facial symmetry. The exercise is performed by placing a palm on each cheek, rubbing in gentle circles up towards the temples. The palms are pulled down either side of the nose, over the chin and back up to the sides of the cheeks and temples. For the best results, repeat 18 times.

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