Interesting Facts About Being Left-Handed

Written by pheori wiley
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Interesting Facts About Being Left-Handed
They say left-handed people are in their right minds. (left hand image by Kostyantyn Ivanyshen from

Have you ever heard the saying "Left-handed people are in their right minds"? No specific gene in the body is the main cause for being left-handed, but the brain is wired in a way that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right side controls the left. This is why, for left-handed people, the right side of the brain is the more dominant part.


The different sides of the brain control different parts of the body, and different aspects of a person's traits, talents, personalities and capabilities. The left hemisphere is responsible for the linear thinking used in science, math, logic, language and writing while the right hemisphere deals with more holistic thinking used in art, perception, music and emotions. Because being left-handed means the right hemisphere of the brain is more dominant, left-handed people are more likely to be creative, emotional, artistic and perceptive in nature.


Left-handed people have been perceived as clumsy or awkward, but this is not necessarily true. Left-handed people seem this way because they live in a right-handed society in which most things, from furniture to scissors, are created for right-handed people, often making it difficult and awkward for left-handers to use them. In addition, reading, writing and talking disorders such as dyslexia and stuttering are more prevalent with left-handers, possibly because they were forced to write with their right hand when they were young, as this is the norm.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Being left-handed in society has both advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages include the aforementioned problems with daily items like furniture, instruments and equipment that are made for right-handed people, as well as problems with reading, writing and speaking. However, advantages include being more creative, artistic and unique, and being able to do cool things such as read or write backward or upside down. Because left-handers live in a right-handed society, they were taught as children to do things the "right" way. Because of this, left-handed people are more adaptable than right-handed people, and they have the ability to switch to using their right hand more easily.

Superstitious Beliefs

There are many superstitious beliefs attributed to left-handedness. Generally, it is believed that the left hand is related to the devil and to all things bad. Passing a drink using the left hand is not good, itching of the left hand means loss of money, and pouring wine, drinking and toasting with the left hand are considered bad luck as well. Even the major religions such as Islam, Judaism and Christianity associate impurity and evil spirits with the left hand. This may be due to some belief that the devil is left-handed, so anything done or related to the left hand is bad luck and/or unclean.

Famous Ties

A number of left-handed people excel in different fields despite living in a "right-handed" society. Many of them even find fame. Some famous left-handed people have become presidents, such as Ronald Reagan and George, W. Bush; great writers, such as Lewis Carroll and Mark Twain; excellent musicians, such as Kurt Cobain and Jimi Hendrix; and actors such as Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie; or athletes such as Manny Pacquiao, Oscar de La Hoya and Larry Bird.

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